Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Dear Miss Stehlik,
     I like to be called, "Hunner" or "Hunter." I like to learn and play video games. I a also like science and math. When I grow up, I want to be a wealthy C.E.O.! I'm proud of what I know. I strive to know the most facts about things
     I don't really like school. It just gets kind of boring. I am very good at math and science. I love to solve math problems, like square roots! It is fun. I don't have very good handwriting though. I don't like Com. Arts, i find it kind of boring, along with Social Studies. I do like reading though! I prefer Non-Fiction. I HATE homework!  I have things I would much rather be doing, and I forget about it. Its not that I'm not good at it, i just don't like it. I don't mind school assignments, as long as it doesn't become homework. 
     My favorite math topic is, and i mentioned this earlier, square roots. I also like multiplication, adding, and somewhat division. I don't really not like any math topic. I'm pretty good at all of them. I'm really excited about math this year! 
Hunter C. #6

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